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Diploma Game Design

The Diploma in Games Design and Animation - (DGDA) is a diploma programme that has been developed in consultation with the industry to ensure students have the best opportunity to meet needs of employers and the industry. This course focuses on the art and design of computer games and animation where students will concentrate on specific needs as a professional game artist, designer, developer and animator. 

This program defines the common body of knowledge and skills necessary for the professional practice of game design and animation. Learning curves involved game development cycle, through which all the following areas are covered: pitching game ideas to writing game design documents, creating concept art and developing technical design documents, modeling, coding, texturing and animating and finally testing and marketing the game. Students can develop their potential beyond this base as they continue to work and study. 

The DGDA is conducted over the period of 16 months on a semester basis, where students will major in game design and animation. Given such academic exposure, students of the DGDA, therefore, would be in an advantage position to find career opportunities in the private and corporate sector in locally and especially internationally. 

Course Duration 

Total Semester: 4 Full Semesters 

Refer to MSI 

Admission requirements
GCE O/L or equivalent qualifications, students who have other than once stated, are to submit them for the MSI faculty board consideration. 

Subjects for the Programme

  1. History of Graphic design
  2. Basic Graphic Design
  3. Visual Research
  4. Basic Drawing
  5. Digital Illustration
  6. Figure Drawing
  7. Graphic Layout
  8. Typography
  9. Digital Imaging
  10. Publication Design
  11. English Language Awareness
  12. Photography
  13. 2D Animation
  14. Packaging Design
  15. Cartooning and Comic Design
  16. Advertising Design
Fee Structure - For information on fees, please contact the MSI

Duration Of Programmes – 16 months full-time basis

Admission Requirements 
London or Edexel O/L or GCE A/L. Students who have qualifications other than the ones stated, are to submit them for the MSI consideration. For a detailed breakdown of the entry requirement, please liaise with the Counseling & Communications department at MSI
  • Total tuition fees charged is based on credit hour taken for each semester
  • Full payment of tuition fee must be made on the Registration Day or Prior to the Commencement of the semester
  • Fees are charged on per semester basis and are based on credit hours taken by the respective students. Please contact the Counseling & Communications department on fees and other payments details
  • Tuition fees exclusive of taxes
  • Registration fees must be paid during the application submission, Registration fees paid are not refundable
The above information is accurate at the time of printing. However, MSI reserves the right to make changes where required without notice.