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Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management Weekend

With global and national travel booming in many parts of the world, the tourism industry alone has become a major driver for economic growth and development. The tourism industry offers significant job creation across all regions, and has long been seen as an industry with tremendous success for long-term career pathways. 

For students who plan a career in the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry, and to have the opportunity to be absorbed into related sectors in other industries the Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management weekend programme offered by MSI, enables great prospects for employability and career enhancement and providing you with a glob¬al certification to join a career that has no boundaries due to its diversity and dynamism. 

Conducted over a period of two years on a semester basis, this well-structured academic programme combines the disciplines of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality and management, leveraging the students with necessary skills and training required to be competent in the industry. 

The course brings into 16 different subjects prepares students for a carrier which can take them around the world. The program will be followed by industrial placements that will provide hands on experience via industrial training at the best known hotels. This will help students reach a competency level that will have them capable of finding employment in the supervisory grades as lower level managers. 

Your career just doesn't stop there, the work experience and further qualification will enhance your future to make you a highly acknowledged professional in the hospitality and tourism industry.Students successfully completed the Diploma programme can be join for Bachelors in Hospitality & Tourism Management ( Hons) degree programme offed by Management & Science University Malaysia or through its Learning Center in Colombo or else can be join with its partner university’s for further education. 

MSI is a partner of the Management & Science University (MSU) based in Malaysia with a branch in Colombo, Bangalore and Jakarta. MSU is a leading university for specialized and profession¬al education and has been approved by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka. MSU Colombo is recognized by more than 40 partner universities world¬wide including the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Eastern Europe, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia and India. 

MSI is focused on teaching, research and life-long learning in many areas such as Hospitality Management, Event Management, Culinary Arts, Biomedical Science, Forensic Science, Information Technology, Accounting, Islamic Finance, Business Management and Logistic Management. 

The employability rate of MSI and MSU students are very high and many have found themselves in professional levels in their chosen careers around the world. The learning experience at MSI is chal¬lenging, exciting and rewarding. MSI aspires to be the leading institute for specialized and professional education, providing holistic academic standards which are relevant to the needs of the industry and meeting global expec¬tations whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards 


Introduction to Hospitality - Tourism Industry
This course introduces students to tourism industry and understands the structures of the industry. Emphasis is on identifying, understanding, background of the tourism industry and benefits of the industry. 

Introduction to Tour Operation
This course gives student the insight of tour operation by tour companies and their importance in tourism industry. For the purpose of evaluation and effectiveness of teaching and learning process student are expected to plan and handle tour package to selected tourist destination. 

Recreation Management
This course gives student an exposure to plan and manage recreational activities through the familiarization trips organized. First aid and safety and control procedures are also taught to prepare student during emergency. 

This course introduce student to the role and functions of housekeeping department. Student will be exposed to the practical side of housekeeping, which involve handling linen, housekeeping and cleaning devices. 

Introduction to Food Service
This course is designed to equip learner with useful knowledge about the concept of management, which is also to make the learner be able to identify the crucial elements involved in the successful operation of a restaurant, and show their interrelationships. Moreover, a restaurant manager brings together three elements: customers, the operation (consisting of food and beverage items as well as the physical facility), and employees. The operator's task is to manage these elements to produce satisfied customer. How to do this is the thrust of this course. 

Restaurant Operation
This course gives student an exposure on planning and managing restaurant's operation. It includes theoretical and practical aspect of managing kitchen and dining area of a restaurant under the supervision of a lecturer. This subject addresses the above need by providing an overview of the restaurant industry and an introduction to various aspects of restaurant service, starting from basic technical skill as well as interpersonal skills. An understanding of basic restaurant service is important for the students to coupe with the environment of the restaurant. 

Introduction to Tourism Planning
This course gives an early exposure on tourism planning basics and concepts. In this course students are required to understand the tourism planning requirements, where part of the course evaluation is on the ability of the students to propose planning concepts and site analysis. 

Front Office Management
This course is designed to train students with the systematic approach to Front Office management and procedures by detailing the flow of work involved, and incorporates the application and the usage of computer in the department's daily routines. 

Hospitality & Tourism Marketing
This course introduces to the students principle of marketing and sales procedure of hospitality and tourism product. It encompasses the relationship between pricing and marketing, the distribution system and how marketing principle can be best applied to a variety of services & products. 

Customer Service & Etiquette
This course will discuss the latest concepts of customer service etiquette. Students will be exposed to the latest theories and methods of customer service in order to increase their ability in managing and conducting customer service activities. This course also tends to prepare the students with the strong basics and knowledge in facing the variety of consumer behavior in the marketplace. 

English Language Awareness
This course aims to enhance students’ proficiency in English language so that they will be able to cope with their academic and daily activities. The course focuses on developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Grammar and vocabulary are integrated in these language skills. Throughout the course various techniques and strategies are used to encourage active participation from students thus making the lessons fun and meaningful. 

Information Technology for Hospitality
This course provides a basic understanding of computer system organization including hardware and software .it also provides knowledge on software package and its application in solving problems .Among the topic cover is the introduction of the subject, computer software, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel in advance, Microsoft PowerPoint in advance and computer issues. 

Introduction to Accounting
This course covers topics on finance, recording in financial statement, report and financial statement as well as accounting for partnership and asset. 

Tour Guide Techniques
This course will enhance the students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to be an effective tour guide. 

Human Resource Management
This course emphasizes on the “interface” between the human resource managers and other managers in implementing the various human resource management activities such as work force planning, recruitment, selection, training and development, compensation and employer-employee relations. It focuses on the methods and techniques of improving organizational effectiveness through sound human resource management practices in the private and public sector while also comparing the philosophy of the management from both the western and non-western perspectives. 

Entrepreneurship in Hospitality & Tourism
This course provides an essential knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship. In conjunction with the government and university aspiration in producing independents graduates in the future, the students are expected to be able to practice ethical, creative and innovative entrepreneurial skills learned upon graduation. The main content of the course are introduction to entrepreneurship. 

Career Opportunities
Diploma Holders will find ample opportunity in not only availing themselves to careers in hospitality and tourism industry but also in government services, academia as well as careers in internationally recognized hotels, event organizations and travel operators. Organizationally, Diploma holders will be absorbed into:

  1. Hotels
  2. Event companies
  3. Travel Agents
  4. Transport operators
  5. Corporations and companies
  6. Banks
  7. Insurance companies
  8. Multimedia telecommunication companies
  9. Marketing agencies
Fee Structure - For information on fees, please contact the MSI

Duration Of Programmes – 18 months part time basis) 

Admission Requirements 
Work experience in Travel, Tourism, Hospitality & Event Industry and Minimum GCE O/L ones stated, are to submit them for the MSI consideration. For a detailed breakdown of the entry requirement, please liaise with the Counseling & Communications department at MSI
  • Total tuition fees charged is based on credit hour taken for each semester
  • Full payment of tuition fee must be made on the Registration Day Or Prior To The Commencement of the semester
  • Fees are charged on per semester basis and are based on credit hours taken by the respective students. Please contact the Counseling & Communications department on fees and other payments details
  • Tuition fees exclusive of taxes
  • Registration fees must be paid during the application submission, Registration fees paid are not refundable
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