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Diploma in Human Capital Management

The Diploma in Human Capital Management programme focuses on core competencies, which integrates organization development and human resource content with an emphasis on strategic human capital and development. The programme offers combination of theory and practice, which enables students to evaluate the ideas and relate them to the activities that take place in organizations. The programme also will equip students with the necessary skills to enter the market in the area of commerce, banking and manufacturing. 


  • Introduction to Human Capital Management
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Principles of Finance
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management System
  • Management Ethics
  • Employment Law
  • Training and Development
  • Operation Management
  • Elementary Accounting
  • Occupational Safety & Health
Career Prospect
Students can pursue interesting careers within the public and private sector ,the positions that graduates can fill in the above organizations are:
  • Human Capital Management Professional
  • Human Resource Executive
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Personnel Assistant
  • Business Development Assistant
  • Consultant/Advisor
Fee Structure - For information on fees, please contact the MSI

Duration Of Programmes – 16 months full-time basis

Admission Requirements 
London or Edexel O/L or GCE A/L. Students who have qualifications other than the ones stated, are to submit them for the MSI consideration. For a detailed brekdown of the entry requirement, please liaise with the Counseling & Communications department at MSI
  • Total tuition fees charged is based on credit hour taken for each semester
  • Full payment of tuition fee must be made on the Registration Day or Prior to the Commencement of the semester
  • Fees are charged on per semester basis and are based on credit hours taken by the respective students. Please contact the Counseling & Communications department on fees and other payments details
  • Tuition fees exclusive of taxes
  • Registration fees must be paid during the application submission, Registration fees paid are not refundable
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