February / May / September


16 Months + 4 Months Internship


The Diploma in Event Management (DEM) is a program that leverages on a unique learning opportunity in the combined disciplines of event and management. Students pursuing the program will be exposed to the ‘know how’ and will obtain ‘hands on’ training on both the event and management areas of practices. As such, students of the program are expected to be competent to handle the common event practices as well as becoming the forefront supervisors and lower level managers who can advise on the routine decision-making process of the job scope.

G.C.E / London / Edexcel O/L

*For more information about intakes & course fee, please liaise with the Counselling & Communications department.

Semester 1

  • Information Technology for Hospitality
  • The Event Industry
  • Tourism & Leisure Environment
  • English Language Awareness

Semester 2

  • Introduction to Accountancy
  • Event Budgeting and Cost Control
  • Event Project Management
  • Event Planning

Semester 3

  • Event Marketing & Promotion
  • Protocol & Ethics
  • Convention, Meeting and Exhibition
  • Event Decoration

Semester 4

  • Special Event Advisor
  • Public Relation for Event Industry
  • Event Production
  • Event Practices

Full Time: 16 Months

Part time: 20 months

Four months industrial placement upon successful completion.

  • Event Coordinator
  • Corporate Event Planner

12 to 24 months of further study to complete the bachelor (hons) degree in event management at management & science university – malaysia / colombo or at over 40 leading universities worldwide.