Bachelor in Retail Management (Hons)


The retail industry involves many aspects from supply chain to buying and brand management, logistics to law, and management to marketing. The environment in this industry is continuously evolving, due to advances in technology, requiring individuals with sound managerial skills and retail industry knowledge. Through this programme, you will acquire broad-based business skills with specific retail expertise. Your lecturers are industry professionals, and the learning opportunities and experiences at Management and Science University will further enhance your knowledge thus developing your trade and life skills. Internship at the end of the programme will facilitate you in creating strong industry networking and expose you to an array of real-world retail experiences.

You will need 2.00 CGPA or TWO (2) C’s at STPM level, OR a Full Pass in TWO (2) A-levels; OR an MSU Foundation Certificate with minimum 2.00 CGPA; OR an MSU Diploma with minimum 2.00 CGPA; OR an equivalent qualification recognized by MSU Senate.

Bachelor (Hons) in Retail Management (BRM) is a three-year career-focused industry-developed programme by the Department of Business Management and Law at MSU’s Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies (FBMP).

Semester  One

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Introduction to Retail Industry
  • Principles of Finance
  • Quantitative Techniques

Semester  Two

  • Retail Environment
  • Networking
  • Managerial and Cost Accounting
  • Retail Merchandising Management

Semester  Three

  • Logistics Management
  • Retail Advertising and Promotion
  • Industrial Training
  • Retail Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales Manager

KPT/JPS ( R2/344/6/0079 ) 12/22

Bachelor in Retail Management is a foundation for entry to a range of postgraduate business and management programmes offered by MSU’s Graduate School of Management.


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