Management and Science Institute is Administered and Accredited by MSU Malaysia.


MSU aspires to be a leading transformative global university, engaging the society through entrepreneurship, research, innovation, industry embedment, and holistic education for a better future.


TRANSFORMATIVE : To provide compelling transformative learning experiences through educational opportunities and a collaborative learning environment, both centered on pioneering socio-economic transformations through innovative deliveries and with ethical values.

GLOBAL : To be a leading globally connected university rooted in culture yet diverse in inclusiveness, providing pathways to knowledge and facilitating knowledge exchange through mobility.

ENTREPRENEURIAL : To be the catalyst of a sustainable entrepreneur ecosystem promoting entrepreneurial culture in building leaders with a global mindset.

RESEARCH & INNOVATION DRIVEN : To promote a culture of interdisciplinary as well as translational research and innovation in responding to national and global challenges and facilitate commercialization of the outcomes through entrepreneurship and incubation.

INDUSTRY EMBEDDED : To enhance an already collaborative learning environment with the embedment of industries, where applications of knowledge and research align with contemporary needs and are delivered through a curriculum that complements career pathways with the advantages of global mobility and community engagement.

CARING INSTITUTION :To ensure the advancement in life of the talented but disadvantaged is not impeded by socio-economic standing, with opportunities that enable the gifted to achieve their true potential and actualize their dreams. 

HOLISTIC EDUCATION : To mould holistic graduates through a balanced education that enriches their personal, interpersonal and social skills, with a multi-disciplinary approach that nurtures leadership, integrity, professionalism, academic excellence, and a passion for lifelong learning. 

BETTER FUTURE : To create diversified career pathways that help transform lives into responsible global citizenship contributing professional talent towards a better future.


Generate competent, professional and employable graduates

Provide affordable educational opportunities

Strengthen the quality of academic programmes

Foster holistic academic excellence

Provide a conducive learning environment

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